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Interview with

Amelia Fullarton

" l love early morning cuddles with the five us. Bed is definitely a loved place by all of us!"

Our bedroom is fairly small and simple, we don’t have much in there and we still have our youngest in our room, so it's cramped. I would describe it as a happy place, l love early morning cuddles with the five us. The bed is definitely a loved place for all of us!

I always have a sleep tea or camomile just before bed to relax, l read in bed as l find this initiates sleep the most for me. At the moment because I’m pregnant and so tired l sometimes only read a few pages and I’m out!



We go camping as often as we can, it’s usually a great experience for us as we’ve done it for so long and the kids are really use to it. I find I’m the best version of myself when we are outdoors and camping under the stars, away from it all, surrounded by nature. As a family we connect on a whole different level and l always go home feeling refreshed. 

The ocean seems to wash away my worries, a good dose of vitamin SEA and l’ll leave feeling a thousand times better than l started!


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