Our vision, our spirit, and what truly moves us... Our vision, our spirit, and what truly moves us...

Our vision, our spirit, and what truly moves us...

Thoughtful, timeless and seasonless

Designed for nappers, loungers, dreamers and explorers, each piece blurs the line between what we wear to bed and what we wear outside.

Inspired by the easy life, our garments effortlessly elevate the moments that matter - cosy morning in bed, sunny corner-shop strolls, and sparkling afternoons spent with loved ones by the sea.

Available year round, each garment has been made from one of our signature hand-woven fabrics: either 100% Organic Cotton, or our luxurious 45% Organic Cotton-55% Linen blend.

Our fabrics are hand-loomed by a community of artisan weavers in Southern India, who we proudly support through ongoing work, lasting relationships and a living wage.


Moved by the world around us, we are deeply proud of our commitment to sustainability: our unwavering focus on transparency within our supply chain, our dedication to using organic, Fairtrade and hand-loomed fabrics, and our ongoing support of artisan weavers and their centuries-old practice.

Our Supply Chain

We work with suppliers dedicated to environmental preservation: those who employ organic farming practices, utilise solar power and rain harvesting during the garment construction process, and work with us to upcycle offcuts into eye masks, scrunchies, paper and labels. We value transparency above all else, and take great pride in the strong and lasting relationships we have formed.

Our Community

To us, our people are everything. We are wholly dedicated to preserving the centuries-old craft of hand-loomed fabrics. We do this through our support of a community of artisan weavers in beautiful, vibrant India. Talented artisans, who continue to pass their brilliant techniques down through the generations. To this gifted community, we provide living wage and ongoing work, through our core range of 100% organic cotton cloud, navy stripe and navy cotton-linen blend sets.

Our Fabrics

Our garments are crafted from nothing but the best: organic brushed cottons and gentle cotton-linens, developed and woven by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified manufacturers. As well as this, all of our cotton is certified by Fairtrade, who work tirelessly to empower farmers by obtaining best market prices, and covering costs for sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

To top it all off, the natural make-up of our fabrics means that they are biodegradable – so, at the end of their long and happy life, they can relax and return to the earth.


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