Vianca Soleil

Vianca Soleil

Vianca Soleil is the personification of slow living. Leaving behind her fast-paced life in Dubai, Vianca relocated to remote Puro Island in the Philippines to open her eco-resort ‘Unna’. Visually reminiscent of a time gone by, Puro Island is uniquely untouched, geographically tucked away from modern civilization, and a place that fosters a simple, intentional way of living. Like General Sleep, Vianca works closely with local craftspeople to create her nature-focused resort, Unna.


Tell us about the communities and craftspeople who have helped you bring Unna to life? 

Working with local craftsmen and using locally sourced materials are important aspects of my work. If not for my neighbours, I really wouldn’t be able to build Unna as they grew up in and built these kind of structures themselves. I’ve discovered and learned so much from them. Puro Island may be secluded and underdeveloped compared to other towns but the residents are able to sustain themselves through their skills and resourcefulness.


 A smell or sound that brings you joy.

The smell of breakfast being made and the noise in the kitchen when our family is complete bring me the most joy. I come from a big family so it’s pretty special when we’re all able to get together. Family is my source of joy.

Something you can’t sleep without.

For me, it’s the feeling of comfort. I’m such a light sleeper so having good sheets and sleepwear in natural fibers make a whole lot of difference. 


A sleep experience you've never forgotten.

There’s a couple of unforgettable sleep experiences from my travels but one that really stands out is probably my first night in Unna. I’d been staying in an Airbnb during the build so it was very rewarding to finally be able to sleep in my ideal home. My bedroom is in what I call the box hut. It's a small box shaped structure and my bed is about twenty steps from the shore. 


The place you feel most grounded and restored.

Nature has such power over us and its beauty has impacted me in so many ways. I always look into nature when I feel off balanced. Swims in the ocean always leave me feeling restored.

The place in your home you go to find peace.

The 5am hikes to see the sunrise from the hill is always worth it. The view of the sea and palm trees from up there is such a peaceful way to start the day. 


What are you currently listening to?

L’Imperatrice, Men I Trust, Against all Logic and a lot of New Wave.


A self-care practice you honour daily.

A form of exercise, whether a hike, run or swim. A simple skin-care routine. Time away from my phone and time with my loved ones. 


What do you treasure?

Moments and memories.


Vianca wears the Classic Set in Cloud, Agnes Robe in Cloud and Sleep Shirt in Khaki Stripe.

Vianca Soleil